When does a California’s child support arrangement end?

Disable ReplacementsIf you’re a parent who pays child support because your children reside with the other parent, or if you’re considering divorce and you’re certain your children won’t be living with you for the majority of the time, you’re not the only one asking when child support ends in California. Here is the relevant data. […]
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7 Mistakes to Avoid in Child Custody Cases

Disable ReplacementsAvoiding the most crucial mistakes It can be difficult to deal with the emotional burden of a divorce, especially when child custody is involved. The legal concerns frequently intersect with the personal reasons that lead to the breakup, and disagreements over child custody significantly aggravate the matter. Even though child custody might elicit strong […]
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how to talk to your divorce lawyer

How to talk to a divorce lawyer

Disable ReplacementsAn expert lawyer is essential in every divorce case, but having him or her on your side isn’t enough. If you want to work toward your desired objective, you must also be able to communicate effectively. So, before you meet with your lawyer, consider these suggestions for communicating as efficiently as possible during your […]
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Tension between distant married couple

5 Signs Your Marriage is at Stake

Disable ReplacementsEvery marriage has its struggles, and every marriage can overcome certain obstacles. However, some struggles are harder to overcome than others. Here are the Five struggles that are the most difficult to overcome: 1) Constant Criticism, 2) Lack of trust/infidelity, 3) Lack of intimacy, 4) Lack of patience/compromise, and 5) Lack of Forgiveness. Are […]
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What if I Can’t Afford Child Support

Disable ReplacementsCircumstances oftentimes change after a court enters an initial child support order, and an ex-spouse may get to a point where he or she can’t afford child support payments any longer. These changes usually involve a job loss, career switch, or other unforeseen circumstance. In those instances, a standing child support order may need […]
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tips to win your custody battle

5 tips to win your custody battle

Disable ReplacementsThe one issue that most divorcees have at this time is how to win a child custody battle. If reaching an agreeable, joint custody arrangement with an ex is out of the question, one must design a proper strategy for defending themselves and their children throughout child custody proceedings. The custody battle can be […]
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