Divorce in a Day - how it works

Imagine investing five hours of your time and a single day to be able to complete your divorce. At Divorces in a Day, this is possible. Sign up for one of our workshops, bring your spouse, and have an open mind. Our experienced divorce attorneys and paralegals will walk you through the process and complete your divorce by the end of the day.

The legal system can be a toxic and traumatizing experience to couples who are divorcing. Oftentimes, people get caught up in unnecessary court battles which cost them thousands of dollars, damaging their children and destroying any chance they might have otherwise had to successfully co-parent. Divorce in a Day is a low cost, practical solution to a broken legal system.

Divorce in a Day allows for couples to walk out of the divorce process with smiles on their faces, still talking to each other, and relieved that the process is over and they have the ability to move on.

Divorce in a Day - the steps

You and your spouse must sign up together for the workshop. If you and your spouse qualify for the program, you will be given a questionnaire to fill out before your workshop.

At the workshop, you and your spouse will be given an overview about the divorce process by one of our experienced attorneys. You will also be assigned a paralegal who will draft all your documents for you.

After the overview, you will be transferred to a conference room where you will meet with our attorneys. Each attorney will negotiate a different aspect of the case. You will be given three hours to negotiate the terms of your divorce.

The information will then be given to your paralegal, who will draft your agreement that day. You and your spouse will review and sign it. Our office will notarize the agreement and then file it with the court. The entire process is completed in a period of five hours.
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Workshop Schedule

Divorces in a Day workshops are held on Fridays at our Temecula location. Workshops are typically held on the first and third Fridays of the month. You must sign up seven days in advance in order to participate in a workshop. Workshops are limited to five couples per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify? In order to qualify for Divorces in a Day, you cannot have an income over $100,000 per year and a total net worth (including pension plans) of $300,000. Although we may offer a mediation plan for couples of higher net worth, Divorces in a Day cannot accommodate you.

If you do not agree to a full divorce settlement in our five hour workshop, your fee is non-refundable, and you will either have to retake our workshop or retain counsel.

Once you participate in Divorces in a Day, Family Law Matters cannot represent you or your spouse in the future.

Absolutely! If you are close to a resolution, but needs a little more time to negotiate the particulars of their divorce, you are welcome to go through the program a second time.

Typically, Divorce in a Day is about the same cost as one party’s initial retainer for a divorce. The beauty of it though, is that it is a single, one-time fee for the entire process- start to finish and the couple is done in a single day.

In order to participate in DIvorces in a Day, you and your spouse will need to provide information to our office in advance. This includes: paycheck stubs, bank records, credit card statements, tax returns, and other financial information. You will also need to fill out some forms about what assets and debts you have. More information will be provided once you sign up with our office.

Divorces in a Day is a workshop designed for couples who wish to accelerate the divorce process. It requires both spouses to participate with an open mind and be willing to compromise. If your spouse will not participate in the workshop, you do not qualify to participate.

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