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John S.7/21/2022

Mrs. Gina Famularo helped me with my case 8 months ago. I am very happy and satisfied with the outcome of my case. She was very approachable, very kind, very professional, very knowledgeable with my case. She treated me as a son needing desperate help. My first meeting with her, she assured me that everything would be alright and gave me a boost of hope to make me feel less sad. The "motherly" hug that she gave me when I first met her and after the case was over was heartwarming. Her entire team as well are very nice and very helpful with everything. They are very responsive when emailing and calling them. They give you a call back to make sure if you need any more help. This law firm has a strong Christian values. As soon as you walk in their office, Christian music is being played inside the office, Bible verses are also posted on the walls and as a Christian myself, I appreciated that and realize that I chose the right law firm to help me with my case. Overall, I highly recommend Mrs. Famularo's law services to anyone needing help with their case.

Jackie W.7/20/2022

They were great and put me at ease from day one and answered all of my questions. I was really happy with the outcome and would highly recommend them. Thank you Family Law Matters!!

Theodore T.7/20/2022

It was wonderful to work with them. Very knowledgeable and compassionate and handling my matter excellently. I really appreciate their honest service and highly recommend it to others who need a professional family law attorney.

Josefina B.7/19/2022

They were great at listening to my matters and counselling well. I had a really great experience with them and they were very knowledgeable and helpful when the stress really kicks in. I highly recommend him for a professional family law attorney.

Matt M.7/17/2022

Thank you so much for your great help. We all know family law comes with a ton of anxiety and stress and they were amazing at managing everything and were very thorough and professional throughout the process.

Nicole B.7/17/2022

They were very helpful and professional and handled everything excellently when we were facing some tough family law situations. I can’t thank them enough and highly recommend Family Law Matters!!

Chase B.7/17/2022

Family law matters was a very competent and efficient option for my family law issues. They were extremely communicative and helpful when dealing the stress of being in the heat of a legal battle. I would highly recommend them for anybody who needs a law firm in their corner in family court. Thank you guys so much!

Hope B.7/17/2022

I definitely would recommend Family Law Matters, they're very professional and yet very pleasant easy to talk to, explain things at a level that I couldn't understand and helped direct me with the issues that I have regarding my divorce definitely a 5 star

Amelia J.7/09/2022

He was my attorney, and He was the perfect combination of kind and tough.He and his team guided me through the whole process of divorce in a prompt and always professional way.They always replied to my phone calls and emails in a very timely manner.Divorce is stressful enough, with this team on my side, I felt very well taken care of.I hope that I will never need legal services again, but if I do, they are the first people I will contact.

Janet R.7/06/2022

I reached out to Family Law Matters and felt that they are perfect for my divorce case.They were very supportive and considerate throughout the case.The professionalism and the humane heart my attorney and his team showed was amazing and made a great difference.Thank you for answering all my questions time after time and for being my strength and knowledge when I was incapable. Keep up the good work!

Jina C.7/03/2022

I would like to thank Family Law Matters for the care and concern that they have put into my case. The office and staff treated me with kindness and consideration no matter who I spoke to. They answered all of my questions and requests, responded promptly when needed, no matter what the time. Having the option to call or email the office without the stress of them charging me for every interaction was a relief at such a stressful time in my. I felt no pressure to make decisions I was not ready for. Thank you Family Law Matters from the bottom of my heart. You will be my only recommendation for anyone who needs your services. Thank you once again.

Barbara E.7/03/2022

Divorce is never an easy process, however the people at Family Law Matters were very sensitive to our needs to get through this.Very helpful and knowledgeable they are ! Their communication was amazing and they made the whole experience more bearable.I'd highly recommend this firm!

Phillip J.7/03/2022

I have used Family Law Matters and I found them very detailed, personal and knowledgeable.They were passionate about my matters and dealt with me calmly.I was always kept up to date on my matter and they sought my instructions on every step. I'll definitely recommend and would use them again.

Richard B.7/03/2022

I have been a client of this law firm for about few months and I was extremely careful about which law office I chose as I was dealing with significant issues and needed someone I could trust.The team really cares a great deal about their clients and always took the time to ensure that I understood every step of the process.I definitely recommend Family Law Matters for any legal needs you may have!

Holly M.7/03/2022

If you want a smart, kind,and wise attorney then look no further than Family Law Matters! This firm was a huge blessing for me because they handled my case as if it was the only one they had.I was confident that whatever decision they made was not taken lightly and had been worked over.Thank you!

Michelle D.6/24/2022

I retained Family Law Matters a year ago to help me with my separation and divorce. Ever since, I have been working with them, they have been very helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate their honesty and hard work. I feel like I'm in very capable hands.Highly recommend their service to others!