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Burton A.5/30/2023
I had a complicated asset protection matter, and Family Law Matters handled it expertly. Their understanding of property rights, financial planning, and legal methods was outstanding. They successfully protected my assets and assured my future security. I strongly suggest their asset protection services.
j r.5/03/2023
The team at Family Law Matters were really helpful and understanding during this life changing moment in my life.
Autumn G.4/28/2023
Family Law matters has been my families lawyers and legal services for the last 6 years. They have handled my child custody, child support, and Order modifications with the same comfort and ease every single time I have sought their services. The front office staff is always friendly and humble given the sometimes difficult circumstances of any visit to a lawyer. The paralegals are very quick to respond, knowledgeable, and professional whenever I call and my call and emails are promptly returned. All the lawyers are professional knowledgable and they all know and are well verse on your individual case so every lawyer at this firm fights hard for you and your families best interests. If you are ever in need of law professionals that know what it's like to have families and children that depend on them I strongly recommend the Family Law Matters staff, legal advisors, paralegals, and lawyers to handle all your legal needs.
Patricia R.4/19/2023
Five stars all the way! Thanks Christie Bergamo and team. Great experience from the beginning made me feel as I was already part of the family. Without the help of everyone at Family Law Matters, I would have not kept my sanity. Highly recommend them for any legal matters you’re facing. Give them a call now!!!
Frances H.3/03/2023
My attorney Kristie Bergamo was amazing! I loved her. She is tough as nails and stood her ground. I could not have done this without her! Or without her paralegal, Maya. They saved me. It was a wonderful experience working with the two of them and the law firm as a whole!
Laura S.3/01/2023
Great overall!
Krista M.2/20/2023
I retained Family Law Matters a year ago to help me with my separation and divorce. Ever since, I have been working with them, they have been very helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate their honesty and hard work. I feel like I'm in very capable hands.Highly recommend their service to others!
Kathy A.2/19/2023
He was my attorney, and He was the perfect combination of kind and tough.He and his team guided me through the whole process of divorce in a prompt and always professional way.They always replied to my phone calls and emails in a very timely manner.Divorce is stressful enough, with this team on my side, I felt very well taken care of.I hope that I will never need legal services again, but if I do, they are the first people I will contact.
Kara S.2/19/2023
I have used Family Law Matters and I found them very detailed, personal and knowledgeable.They were passionate about my matters and dealt with me calmly.I was always kept up to date on my matter and they sought my instructions on every step. I'll definitely recommend and would use them again.
Sandra P.2/19/2023
I have been a client of this law firm for about few months and I was extremely careful about which law office I chose as I was dealing with significant issues and needed someone I could trust.The team really cares a great deal about their clients and always took the time to ensure that I understood every step of the process.I definitely recommend Family Law Matters for any legal needs you may have!
Shahed S.2/15/2023
I came to family law matters during a hard time, and they assured me that I came to the right place. I knew I was at a disadvantage being a single father in the world of family law where men usually do not win. I knew I had to make a big decision, which was to switch from self representing myself to having a firm represent me instead. I was living in temecula at the time and family law matters was a top firm in the area. I met with attorney Shehata of the firm for the first time consultation, and he assured me that he would do everything in his power in order to get my daughter back. I explained my situation to him and how my daughter was kidnapped by the mother of my child. Even with a joint custody agreement I was experiencing many difficulties and challenges with the other parent of my child, and was not able to enforce this order properly. The police would not assist me properly when I previously had a joint custody agreement, so I had to get an attorney to help me acquire full custody. It was my goal to first get my daughter back, then after attain full custody so that I can properly enforce my order if needed be. It was a process, but it was achievable in much less time with this firm looking over me. I was able to get my daughter back in less then two months from the time I hired the firm, and achieved full custody only 8 months after hiring them. Family law matters would help me make decisions that were in my best interest, and they would create strategies that would help me conquer the opposition. There attorneys and staff have excellent experience in family law, and they treat you with respect and carry themselves with superior professionalism. I am grateful for choosing family law matters, and praise them for allowing me to reunite with my best friend, my 4 year old daughter. In addition, I also thank family law matters for guiding me on how to take the right steps to attain full custody of my daughter.
Anne B.2/06/2023
It was wonderful to work with them. Very knowledgeable and compassionate and handling my matter excellently. I really appreciate their honest service and highly recommend it to others who need a professional family law attorney.
Judith W.2/06/2023
They were great at listening to my matters and counselling well. I had a really great experience with them and they were very knowledgeable and helpful when the stress really kicks in. I highly recommend him for a professional family law attorney.
Gary P.2/06/2023
Thank you so much for your great help. We all know family law comes with a ton of anxiety and stress and they were amazing at managing everything and were very thorough and professional throughout the process.
Ladawn S.2/06/2023
They were great and put me at ease from day one and answered all of my questions. I was really happy with the outcome and would highly recommend them. Thank you Family Law Matters!!
Ruth T.2/06/2023
They were very helpful and professional and handled everything excellently when we were facing some tough family law situations. I can’t thank them enough and highly recommend Family Law Matters!!