How To Research An Attorney On The Internet

Beware of using restaurant review sites

If you are going through a divorce, custody battle or a domestic violence issue in Riverside County, the first thing you will probably do is ask a friend to refer you to a great lawyer. If no one you trusts knows someone, the next thing you will probably do is look on the internet for reviews. Many people use common sites like Yelp, Google or Facebook to determine if an attorney is right for them.

However, searching for an attorney is not like searching for a new ice cream shop. Online reviewers use many different criteria to determine what a “good” lawyer is. They often rate attorneys on price. This is the last thing you should consider! You have to stop and think: how much is my future worth?
yelp reviews

Sometimes, the ratings are based upon the way a receptionist answers the phone, how the attorney’s office looks, or the way an attorney dresses. When it comes down to it, you hire an attorney to get you results. 

This means getting you the best deal in the shortest time for the least amount of hassle. Websites such as Yelp will not help you determine this.

However, there are professional sites that rate on just these standards. These are maintained by well-respected legal companies. If you are in need of an attorney, be sure to look to professional organizations with the knowledge to rate your potential attorney properly. These include such sites as: AVVO, Martindale-Hubbell, and Lawyers.com.

Hiring an attorney

Hiring an attorney is about vetting the attorney to make sure they have the ability to get you the results you need. You need someone with the education, experience and knowledge to be able to get you a great deal in negotiations, and the legal skills to get you the orders you desire if the matter goes to court.

If you need an attorney, don’t get ripped off by a restaurant review site- look to professional organizations that have the knowledge to steer you in the right direction. Your family and your future are too important to cut corners.

Below is a summary of the difference between rip-off sites like Yelp who base their ratings on payment and Professional Websites who maintain ratings without accepting payment to rig the system.

Why YELP is not the place


Use professional websites for your research


Don’t base your selection of your attorney on phony review sites. The decision is too important. Your life and your future are at stake. If you are doing research online to help you select a good attorney, do yourself a favor, use a reputable attorney rating site.

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