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Annulment vs Divorce You have been betrayed- the person you married is not who you thought he or she was. Sadly, you didn’t figure it out until after the wedding. Now, here you are- with the wedding gifts barely packed away, and you…

Attorney Fees California

How much does an attorney cost in California? You have heard horror stories about attorneys. You have heard your friends speak about how they gave their attorney a retainer, thinking the retainer would cover the divorce, only to find that a few months…

Celebrity Divorce

Celebrity Divorce in California As a celebrity, your name is a household word. Your face is recognized by the people around you. When the possibility of a divorce becomes a sad reality, you need the best protection money can buy. You have accumulated…

Child Custody Attorney Temecula CA

Child Custody Attorney in Temecula   When parents are no longer living together, both parents want to spend as much time with their children as possible. It is a sad reality that when a breakup occurs, it is likely their children will not spend…

Child Support

RIVERSIDE CHILD SUPPORT LAWYERS You need the best Riverside child support lawyers fighting for you. The outcome of this battle determines the relationship you have with your child or how much of your income your former spouse receives. Where can I Find Riverside…

Child Support Modification Riverside

Child Support Modification in Temecula, CA What Does the term “Modification” mean in Riverside County, California? A modification is a request to change an existing court order. In family law, it means that one of the parties is requesting to change some sort…

Division of Property

Divorce – division of property in California It is bad enough that the marriage has ended. You feel defeated-like a failure. It is hard to see now that you will recover from this divorce. To add insult to injury, you now have to…

Divorce Asset Protection

Divorce Asset Protection in California Going through a divorce will have a devastating effect on your finances. There is no way around it. What was once one household will now become two. The same amount of income you relied on to support your…

Divorce in a Day

Divorce in a Day – how it works Imagine investing five hours of your time and a single day to be able to complete your divorce. At Divorces in a Day, this is possible. Sign up for one of our workshops, bring your…
annulment in california

Divorce in California – what you need to know about it

Temecula Divorce Attorney Choosing the best Temecula divorce attorney is important during this difficult time in your life. You have found yourself all alone, facing a divorce, and going through one of the most stressful events of your life. You and your spouse cannot…

Domestic Violence

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LAWYER IN TEMECULA If you have experienced any abuse in your home you need to consult with a Temecula domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. You need a domestic violence lawyer to keep you safe Make an appointment today Learn…


Guardianships in California A guardianship is an action filed in probate court giving an adult control of a child under the age of eighteen years old) who is not their own. There are two types of guardianships: over the person and over the…

Legal Separation in California

How to file for legal separation in California People who call our office at Family Law Matters, often pose the question, “What is legal separation?” This is because you know that you cannot live together with your spouse anymore, because your relationship is…

Military Divorce

Temecula | Riverside – Military divorce You and your spouse have sacrificed for this country. There have been countless military assignments that have kept your family apart. As a military family, you have faced a unique set of problems. A successful marriage has…


Paternity Lawyers in Temecula, CA A paternity lawsuit can be a stressful time but experienced Temecula, CA paternity lawyers will put your mind at ease, guiding you through the process and making sure you get the outcome you deserve. You never got married,…

Spousal Support

Spousal support in Temecula, CA Spousal support (previously called “alimony” or “alimony payments”) is one of the most hotly contested issues in a divorce. When a couple, who is already struggling financially then separates, money becomes much tighter. The same money that was…

Stepparent Adoption Temecula California

STEPPARENT ADOPTION TEMECULA California has a high rate of stepparent adoptions. A successful stepparent adoption in Temecula ends the legal rights of a biological parent, and the stepparent acquires legal and financial responsibility for his or her spouse’s children. You may need a…

Uncontested divorce

What is an uncontested divorce? An uncontested divorce is a divorce where the parties agree to the terms of the judgment even before the divorce paperwork is filed. The advantage is that the parties can avoid litigation; neither party ever appears in court,…

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