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We're among the top 1% and top 500 family law firms in the US. Furthermore we have an AVVO Rating of 10/10.

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A few words about the advantages hiring us as your family law attorneys.

Family Law Matters was built on two pillars, Clients and Staff. We go the extra mile to help our clients with all of their family law needs. Our staff’s level of expertise and compassion in the area of family law makes us unique in that we CARE about our clients and the outcome of their cases. You leave your legal troubles with us and we will handle it for you. We will happily speak with you at no cost to you. All you have to do is schedule a consultation and we will analyze your case with you and explain your legal options in great detail.

Family Law Matters handles all of your family law needs. We handle, simple divorces, high asset divorces, celebrity divorces, military divorces, paternity, domestic violence, modification of spousal support/alimony, modification of child custody and visitation, step-parent adoptions, guardianships, name changes, enforcement of court orders, and contempt.

Family Law Matters has been in business for more than twenty-three years and employs attorneys with extensive experience and knowledge in the area of family law. We have handled thousands of trials and court hearings. We have also mediated hundreds of cases.

At Family Law Matters, you will have a team that is not only compassionate, but a team that understands the day-to-day struggles of going through a divorce or a custody battle. You will have a team that is responsive to your needs, that cares about you and your loved ones, and that will protect your legal rights in court. You will have a legal team at your beck and call when you need us. We will prepare all of the legal paperwork, file all documents with the court, and represent you at all of your court hearings. The difference between us and the “other guys” is that we explore every possible scenario and present you with all of your options throughout the process so that you can make a well-informed decision

Your role in the process is simple, remain truthful and cooperate with your attorney and staff. You bring us the facts and we will present your concerns to the court in a manner that the judge will understand. We understand how stressful and painful the process is, we have been through it. The legal system is complicated and hard to navigate. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. That is what we love to do.

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