Celebrity Divorce

Celebrity Divorce in California

As a celebrity, your name is a household word. Your face is recognized by the people around you. When the possibility of a divorce becomes a sad reality, you need the best protection money can buy.

You have accumulated some measure of fame, and also some measure of wealth. Now that your marriage has ended, your assets need to be protected. As a celebrity, the stakes are higher than it is for the average Joe. Your reputation and your livelihood is also at stake. A nasty divorce can ruin you.

At Family Law Matters, we have the knowledge and experience to understand the complexities and nuances of a celebrity divorce. We are highly skilled negotiators and aggressive litigators. Whether you are a high asset individual, a business owner, an athlete, a musician or a public figure, do yourself a favor and hire the best.

Professional legal advice

As a celebrity, high asset individual or business owner, you need an objective professional to offer you sound legal advice.

Knowing when to negotiate, what terms to ask for, and when stand your ground is crucial. Whether it is by way of settlement, mediation, or in a courtroom, you need to maximize your chances of getting the best possible results.

As skillful and experienced attorneys, we know when and how to litigate, what arguments will persuade the court, what experts to hire, and how to strategically plan your case. There is no substitute for this.

We also know how to resolve your legal issues quickly and quietly.

If you are a celebrity or a high-asset individual, our skilled lawyers understand your need for discreet, competent, and well-prepared representation.

Not only are we aggressive, compassionate, and capable, our firm is committed to providing you with the personal and attentive service you expect. We understand that protecting your privacy and your assets during your divorce are your top priorities.

We have represented public figures in the past, including actors and musicians. We will capably and zealously represent you in settlement negotiations and at trial, if necessary.
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Discreet, competent representation

If you are married to a high net worth individual or a celebrity, including an actor, musician, or athlete, do not be taken advantage of. As an “out spouse” you are someone who has less resources to harness than your powerful spouse.

You need a divorce attorney who is capable of properly protecting you and demanding that you receive your fair share. We have represented spouses and significant others of athletes and high net worth individuals.

You owe it to yourself and your children to demand a proper settlement. To fight this battle, you need the best lawyers money can buy. Call us for help.

Whether your matter is resolved through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, we understand the importance of preserving your estate.

Our divorce lawyers will first attempt to negotiate a fair settlement for you and enlist the proper experts to help maximize your results. If not possible, we are prepared to present your case at trial with our team of lawyers.

If you have not reached celebrity status, but are a business owner or high net worth individual going through divorce, we have represented many people just like you. We have the experience and expertise to litigate complex property issues.

We are comfortable with divorces involving corporations and business ventures. We are well-versed reading balance sheets, tax returns and expert witness reports. Let us help you preserve what you have worked for all your life.

Call us now to make an appointment for a consultation. We look forward to helping you get through this stage of your life so you can move on to bigger and better endeavors.
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