Tension between distant married couple

5 Signs Your Marriage is at Stake

Every marriage has its struggles, and every marriage can overcome certain obstacles. However, some struggles are harder to overcome than others. Here are the Five struggles that are the most difficult to overcome: 1) Constant Criticism, 2) Lack of trust/infidelity, 3) Lack of intimacy, 4) Lack of patience/compromise, and 5) Lack of Forgiveness. Are you […]
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What if I Can’t Afford Child Support

Circumstances oftentimes change after a court enters an initial child support order, and an ex-spouse may get to a point where he or she can’t afford child support payments any longer. These changes usually involve a job loss, career switch, or other unforeseen circumstance. In those instances, a standing child support order may need to […]
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tips to win your custody battle

5 tips to win your custody battle

The one issue that most divorcees have at this time is how to win a child custody battle. If reaching an agreeable, joint custody arrangement with an ex is out of the question, one must design a proper strategy for defending themselves and their children throughout child custody proceedings. The custody battle can be one […]
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How to find the right divorce attorney

In 2019, around 747,000 couples divorced in the United States. Divorce is typically time-consuming and emotionally demanding, and divorce proceedings can last up to a year and cost an average of $12,900. Although a lawyer is not required to obtain a divorce, the process is legally complex, and proceeding without one might be problematic, especially […]
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How to Obtain a Divorce Decree in California

There are numerous instances in which a copy of your divorce decree may be required. Some are as basic as presenting divorce documentation, while others involve bringing an ex-spouse back to court for violating the conditions of your divorce decision. If you are finally alone after a dreadful marriage and a lengthy, costly divorce proceeding, […]
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Protect your personal assets throughout a divorce

Methods to protect your personal assets throughout a divorce California, being a community property state, considers a married couple to be one legal “community.” All assets and obligations acquired by either spouse during the marriage are considered shared property under the law. The courts usually divide this common property equally upon a divorce. There are, […]
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How a legal separation works in Riverside County, California

A legal separation in California does not end a marriage or domestic partnership. Instead, it leads to a court assessing the rights and responsibilities of living-apart spouses. While legally separated parties are still married, they enjoy the benefit of enforceable court judgments separating their finances and determining child custody and support. They may also be […]
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