Attorney Beshoy Talks About “Divorce in a Day” Workshop in Interview with Katherine from It Needs to be Said

Katherine: Hello everyone and thank you so much for joining us today on “This Needs to be Said”. Our friend attorney Beshoy is going to join us. He talks about family law. Family Law Matters when you need to have an attorney and today’s topic when I heard it, I know you’re going to be when you hear it as well, but how about Divorce in One Day, “Divorce in a Day”. He’s going to come and talk with us about what this is, what this means, and how you can utilize the information he’s sharing if it applies to you. Welcome back to “This Needs to be Said” attorney Beshoy, how are you?
Attorney Beshoy: Thank you, Katherine. It’s a pleasure being here on this wonderful, wonderful day outside.
Katherine: Oh, I’m glad it is good weather for you. Are you ready for the holidays?
Attorney Beshoy: Yes, ma’am. We’re ready.
Katherine: All right. Well tell me about this because when you told me, hey, I want to talk about a divorce in a day. I’m not married yet, but it’s funny that I think I need this information maybe. I’m just kidding, but I’m not married, but I’m like, people can get divorced this quickly? I thought a year was quick. So tell me what this is about. I’m done speculating so the audience can hear what you have to share.
Attorney Beshoy: So this concept is intended for parties who don’t want to fight. Divorce is the constant myth of six months and a day. My divorce has to take a minimum of six months, which is not true. It by law, It’s a cool off period. So our concept, it’s an event that we’re hosting on February first. Our goal is to walk five parties through their entire divorce process in one day. So the plan is for the parties to come in. It would have to be both parties, the husband and wife, husband and you know, um, any married couple who are seeking a divorce, they’d be able to come in, we would walk them through the custody, and get a custody agreement together, uh, the division of assets, the support, and essentially it would be a five hour experience where at the end of the five hour experience they would walk out with a judgment in their hand.
Katherine: Tell me, let’s back up a little bit. You said normally its six months of separation in order to get a divorce. So what about your workshop, or your process, is able to close those six months of waiting or the cooling off period?
Attorney Beshoy: So the divorce date would be dated six months later, but the judgment would be submitted to the court. It would have a final court order. They just would not be able to remarry if they wish until they’re six months and a day date and the judgment would have that future date on it.
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Katherine: Okay. So for people who are considering doing this, what are some things that they need to understand?
Attorney Beshoy: So the one thing that they need to understand is they do not have to wait and their divorce does not have to take 6 months. Their divorce can be done in a matter of one day, five hours. They would walk out with a final judgment; and it will be submitted to the court. Once the final decree comes back, stamped with the court, it would be dated with a future date of whatever, six months and a day. So you’re looking at August 2nd would be to the divorce date if everything is submitted on February 1st.
Katherine: Fantastic. So you came up with this concept or your practice came up with this concept. Tell me what need did you all see, that said, or what desire did you see that saying, okay, we need to put this together and, and have people, you know, go through this process.
Attorney Beshoy: One of the most common misconceptions is that does divorce has to be litigated? And it doesn’t. If the parties are on good terms and they just recognize that they need to go their own separate ways. They agree on almost all of the issues or all of the divisions. Then it’s possible, it is truly possible to get everything concluded in a day. It’s similar to mediation except to mediation, there’s a lot of negotiating going back and forth. The thing about divorce in the day is you would walk in, the setup is multiple rooms and each room you would walk in with the significant other and you’ll be able to address one of the issues in your divorce, walk out with an agreement and by the time you get to the fifth or sixth room, you’re done, and you can walk away and you know, you don’t have to fight. It doesn’t have to be litigious; it doesn’t have to be, you know, a scorched earth.
Katherine: Yeah
Attorney Beshoy: It’s a lot easier and the parties benefit from this greatly because there are a lot of unknown factors when you’re litigating. It could be that the judges are, you know, don’t side with you, or it could be that the attorney’s fees are too expensive. So there is an opportunity for couples to not only save on attorney’s fees, but truly be in control of what division and what order or agreement that they have together.
Katherine: Now, for people who want to participate in this process, in this workshop that you’re going to have, how do they go about connecting with you too, or how do they go about it?
Attorney Beshoy: So there’s a few ways that they can do it. The easiest would be to call our office. We have two locations. We have our Temecula location and our Corona location. All they would have to do is pick up the phone call 951-587-0505 and mention “divorce in the day”. Our intake gals will take good care of them, and will give them the steps. There’s going to be multiple emails with documents sent out to just prepare them for it. They would have to register at least two weeks prior to the deadline, preferably by no later than January 15th, just so they can reserve a spot. Now I know that we only have five spots available, so it’s going to fill up quick. The other option is they…
Katherine: I apologize. Go ahead.
Attorney Beshoy: I was just saying, all right. I was listening, so the other option is that they could always reach out to us via our website at: and all they have to do is mention “divorce in the day” and my staff will get them set up, and get them registered. Now this event is not obviously, it’s not free. There is a fee for it, but it’s a fraction of the price of what it would be to litigate the case.
Katherine: And for those who are considering going through divorce, what you’re saying is that these two people have realized that while I may love you, this isn’t what I need to be doing, or you know, something has changed and we don’t have to beat each other up. We can agree to be amicable, so people need to understand that we don’t need to fight. No one’s trying to get over on anybody. Nobody’s trying to one up anybody. We’re just trying to move forward, trying to move on, and they’re working as a team during this process. What are some things that they need to have ready when they register for this event, once they’ve been accepted. I know it’s only five couples that can be allowed in, but in the event that you have this workshop again, and the process goes well and people say, hey, I’d rather do this than to wait and pay more money. They’re going to tell their friends of course. So what are some things that people need to say, okay, I need to have these documents organized or I need to have these thoughts organized when I go in here. How do they prepare for this?
Attorney Beshoy: So the biggest thing that they can do to expedite the process is have their financial documents ready. So bank statements, the car titles, any stock options, 401 k plan, that’s really the only thing. If they want to sit and try to discuss some sort of custody agreement in advance, that would also speed the process up. But really we’re going to walk them through it step by step. They’re going to go from room to room. They have an hour per room to go through and finalize everything. And again, the point is you walk out with a divorce decree and you’re divorced and you’re ready to, you know, the future, and ready for what the future holds. You know, it’s not the, it’s truly not the end of the road, and the idea behind this plan is those who do not want to fight have this opportunity and you know, we know that the legal system is bombarded, the courthouse is bombarded and it’s not enough. So this is a great opportunity for people to get together and take control of their future and get this divorce over with.
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Katherine: Well, I think that this is phenomenal and I know I asked every question, and you answered every question thoroughly. I just wish I could virtually go through it. You know, because it sounds like it would be fun, not fun because you’re getting divorced, but fun the care that’s going into it. And as you have come on the show before, we were talking about family law with attorney Beshoy, and you shared with me how compassionate you are as an attorney towards your clients. And while that’s not something as a consumer, you hear often. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with you and some other attorneys and you aren’t trying to get us. You want us to be equipped to make our next best decision, so in this case it’s a divorce and so that part sounds fun. So I wanted to clarify that part sounds fun because every step of the way someone’s going to be there for you to help you through this process and that isn’t how life is all the time. So in this case, knowing that you have people who are knowledgeable experts in this area who care enough about you as the human, as well as your budget, because these things do break down people and that would make people upset. From my understanding, money is one of the main reasons that people fall out of relationships. So if we could end on a good note and I have money left and you have money left to begin again, I think that this is a gift to each other. This is a great way to say, I love you. I care about you as a human, this journey, our journey is about to split off somewhere else. So I’m really excited about what’s happening, what’s coming up, and I hope to hear more of these that you all are doing, and so I hope that we get to do a follow up in a few months after this event and you share with us what happened so I can see if you know what I was thinking in my excitement is accurate. Before we wrap this up, as always, I want you to let people know how to get in touch with your office for other needs outside of the topic we were talking about as it concerns family law as well as, you know, just give us a short recap of the event, “divorce in the day” and what they need to know. I want that to be the last thing on their mind.
Attorney Beshoy: Absolutely. So we, our attorneys specifically are exclusive to family law, our firm is Family Law Matters. I’m a managing partner. We have two locations, one in Temecula, California, and the others in Corona, California. Best and easiest way to get a hold of us is pick up the phone and call 951-587-0505. You can also look it up on our website, Again it is “divorce in a day”. It’s a great workshop. You walk in, and you walk out with the divorce decree. You don’t have to fight. It does not have to be a fight. You can both work this out amicably and in the same time, you know, preserve the relationship that both of you have with your kids, if any, save as much of your assets as you possibly can and just move on with your future because your future is bright.
Katherine: Absolutely. Thank you so much Attorney Beshoy for stopping by “This needs to be Said” and sharing this information with us. I look forward to speaking with you again in the future as well as following up after the event because I would love to see how things go for that. Until next time..
Attorney Beshoy: Thank you so much for having me.
Katherine: You’re welcome
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