Attorney Gina Famularo Interview September 2017

Katherine: Hello everyone and thank you so much for joining us today on This Needs To Be Said.

We’re going to be joined by attorney Gina M. Famularo in just a moment as she deals with family law matters. So, if you have any questions, this is definitely the interview that you want to lean in to.

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So, at this time, I want to welcome attorney Gina M. Famularo to This Needs To Be Said.

How are you?

Gina Famularo: I’m wonderful, thank you.
Katherine: Also, we’re going to jump right in to this time with you. Gina, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Gina Famularo: Sure.

I’m a Family Law Attorney, I’ve been one for 20 years. My philosophy is to help good people get through bad times.

Katherine: I like that.

Now, tell us about your professional background. You said you’ve been doing this for 20 years?

Gina Famularo: Yes.

I graduated from Western State College of Law in 1996. Passed the bar the first time in 1997.

Katherine: Whoo-hoo. Okay.
Gina Famularo: I’ve been doing Family Law in the state of California ever since. I’m the head of a Law Firm, we have three attorney’s here, myself and two others. We do primarily divorce.
Katherine: Okay.

What made you want to become an attorney and specifically a Family Law Attorney?

Gina Famularo: When I was a young lady, I had a relationship that was not ideal. I was a victim of domestic violence myself. I went through a very terrible divorce that included just about anything you can name. When I came out, I was determined I wanted to help other people who were in the situation similar to mine.
Katherine: Wow, wow.

As you’re talking, I’m picturing in my head … You said anything, I’m trying to picture as broad as I can. But, you said through that, you wanted to help other people. That’s amazing, that’s always powerful when I hear someone turn that possibly negative situation into something that can change the lives of others.

Tell me, your tagline or your saying at your firm again.

Gina Famularo: Our tagline is protecting you and your family using Christian principles.
Katherine: Alright.

You were saying, and maybe I thought that was your tagline, but you have a saying, which you told me at the top of the interview. Tell me that again.

Gina Famularo: Oh. Helping good people through bad times.
Katherine: Yes, I like that. I like that. I’m writing that down, I’m making a note of that. It makes more sense now that you’ve shared a bit of your story with us.

Tell us what you believe is different about your firm than other law firms that practice Family Law.

Gina Famularo: Sure.

We have Christian values here at Family Law Matters. We believe that we are to do more than just to help people through their case. We’re to shine the light of Christ to others. We help them find a way to find meaning in their struggles.

Katherine: Okay.

So, when a client comes to you, what do they expect? How should they be prepared for their time with you?

Gina Famularo: Well, most of the questions that we ask them are questions that they would already know the answers to, so they really don’t need to prepare. What we do ask them is that they write down any specific questions we have. We do very thorough interviews and typically by the time we are done with the interview, all of their questions will be answered. But, we certainly take the time and answer any other questions that they might have.
Katherine: Okay.

Before I go on to my next question, I wanted to stop for a second and give you an opportunity to tell the This Needs To Be Said audience how to get in touch with you if they find they are in need of your services.

Gina Famularo: Thank you.

I have a website. It is and they could also call me if they like at 951-587-0505 that’s 951-587-0505. If they mention this interview, I would give them a free consultation. I would wave my initial $150.00 consultation fee.

Katherine: Awesome.

Now, I understand that you’ve written a book about divorce. Tell us a little bit about that book and how people can get a copy of it.

Gina Famularo: Sure.

I’ve actually written two books.

Katherine: Oh.
Gina Famularo: The first book I wrote was “The secrets to surviving your California divorce” and if they go on my website or they give us a call, we’ll be happy to send out a free copy of the book. The other book I wrote was “How to find the right Family Law Attorney”.
Katherine: Okay.

Do you have any advice or tips for a person that’s considering a divorce?

Gina Famularo: Yes.

Number one, they should be first of all very, very sure that they want a divorce. What I like to tell people is that I’m an undertaker. So, what I do is I take a dead marriage and I bury it. I do not break up marriages, I only help people who have already decided to do so.

So, first advice would be before you ever file anything or start talking about divorce, make sure that is absolutely what you want.

The next thing is, if it is what you want try to settle it out of court whenever possible. Amicable is always better than litigation.

Then the third thing would be to start dividing your assets. Start dividing any money in the bank and make sure you cancel any credit cards that are joint so that you’re not stuck with a large bill at the end of the case.

Katherine: Awesome.

How do we get a copy of both of your books?

Gina Famularo: They can either give us a call at 951-587-0505 or they can go on to that website or they can also find me on Facebook at Family Law Matters. Any of those ways, they can speak to the smiling gal at the end of the phone. Her name is Sandy and she’ll happily send you a copy of the book.
Katherine: Awesome.

I want to say thank you so much for being a part of This Needs To Be Said.

One more time before we go, give your website and your contact information if they want to get a free consultation … Well, the free consultation is if you mention the interview. If they want a consultation with you, how do they get in touch with you and how do they check you out on the website.

Gina Famularo: Absolutely.

You can find me on my website You can find me on Facebook at Family Law Matters, or you can call us at 951-587-0505 that’s 951-587-0505. If they mention this interview, I would give them a free consultation. I would wave my initial $150.00 consultation fee..

Thank you so much for having me on and God Bless you.

Katherine: Awesome, thank you and you have a wonderful day.
Gina Famularo: Alright, thank you. Bye-bye.
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