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Negotiation Attorneys in Murrieta, CA
Regardless of the type of family law issue you are facing, whether it is divorce, custody, support or domestic violence, the process is stressful, complicated and uncertain. It is impossible to be guaranteed the results you desire. 

For this reason, in most situations, negotiation is the preferred course of obtaining a favorable resolution. This does not mean you give in to all the demands of the other side. 

It means you negotiate from a position of strength to obtain a fair outcome that you can live with.

When you step into the courtroom, you are putting your hands in the fate of someone who has never met you. By reaching an agreement outside of court, we can help you find creative solutions to your unique set of problems and concerns. 

This process affords you an outcome tailored to your needs and allows you to remain in control of your own life.

Family Law Matters will take the time to get to know you on a personal level. Our attorneys will then educate you on your legal rights and lay out your different options. 

Together we will develop a plan that will be designed to help you achieve the most favorable results possible.


Divorce in A Day Workshop

One unique option to avoid litigation and to help you get through the divorce process in an affordable and easy manner is our “Divorce in a Day” workshop. This five hour workshop is held on Fridays by our staff attorneys and paralegals. 

In this workshop you will be educated on the divorce process and the steps necessary to complete your divorce. You will then participate in three separate, one-hour mediation sessions with our attorneys. 

Each session will cover a different topic and are designed to help you reach a full settlement agreement by the end of the day. After the mediation sessions are completed, if you and your spouse reach a full settlement, our paralegals will prepare the legal documents while you wait. 

You will sign your divorce paperwork, from start to finish, in one day. Our office will file the paperwork and your divorce will be done- in one day.

This divorce workshop is designed for people who are open to compromise and have a net worth of less than $300,000, including pension and retirement plans. If you are interested in completing your divorce by participating in our Divorce in a Day workshop, please call our office for more information.

Murrieta Litigation and Trial Attorneys

While it is always preferable to settle your family law issue outside of court, sometimes this is simply not possible. Frequently, couples are not able to settle their family law problems outside of court and must appear in court for litigation. The most common areas of litigation are:

  • Child Custody- you are unable to agree on an appropriate custody arrangement
  • Child Visitation- you or the other parent want more time with the children
  • Child Support- the child support offered is too much or too little
  • Spousal Support- you cannot agree on an appropriate support order
  • Domestic Violence- there is an allegation of abuse that cannot be resolved
  • Modifications- there is an allegation the current court orders are not working

Whatever the reason is that your case must go to court, our seasoned attorneys are able to competently and zealously represent you. Family Law Matters prides itself on trying to find a fair, out of court solution to our client’s problems. 

However, when settlement is not possible, we are well-prepared and aggressive advocates in a courtroom setting. 

If you have been unable to resolve your case on your own, or you have an attorney now that is just not doing the job, call our office for a consultation. We will protect you and your loved ones using Christian principles.

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