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Divorce in a Day is a type of mediation process



Have you ever wondered why divorce costs so much and takes so long to complete? If you are like most people, you have heard horror stories about attorneys. You likely have a friend, family member or co-worker who has told you about the difficulty of getting divorced. Many people will describe how they have walked into an attorney’s office with the expectation the divorce process would be quick and easy, only to find out to their horror that it was not. People often complain that attorneys make the divorce process longer, more expensive and more contentious than it needs to be.

At Family Law Matters, we believe that we should help you and your loved one using Christian principles. Destroying your family and your finances while you are going through a divorce is not helpful. We recognized early on that every client does not need to litigate. Frequently, clients just need a little help negotiating those last few details of their divorce and preparing and filing the paperwork. Divorce in a Day was designed to assist divorcing couples who wish to streamline the divorce process. It works especially well for those couples who have a general agreement as to the outcome they desire, have no children, have limited assets or have a short marriage.

Mediation process

Divorce in a Day is a type of mediation process, but it is streamlined. Everything is prepared and completed in a single day. Most people find it impossible to imagine investing just five hours of their time in order to get divorced. At Family Law Matters, in Murrieta, California, when you sign up for Divorce in a Day, this is possible!

All you need to complete one of our workshops is your financial information, your spouse, and an open mind. Our experienced divorce attorneys and paralegals do all the work. 

We will take you through the divorce process- from start to finish– by helping you negotiate a fair settlement and then by completing all the required paperwork. This process allows you to begin your divorce and finalize it all in the same day.

Divorce can be a traumatizing experience. People frequently get caught up in legal battles that are so destructive they cannot even remember what they are fighting for by the time it is over. Although it is often necessary, court battles should be avoided whenever possible. 

Litigation can be emotionally and financially destructing to divorcing couples. In Riverside County, California, Divorce in a Day is a low-cost and practical solution to avoiding the heartache of a legal battle.

When you complete one of Divorce in a Day workshops in Murrieta, California, you will walk out of the process relieved and with the ability to move on to a better phase of your life. 

If you are interested in learning more about this unique opportunity, please call our office to learn how you can be a part of this truly unique solution to divorce.




In April of 2019, we began a very special program that we call Divorce in a Day. This program is designed for people with simple divorces that would like the help of an attorney and have most of the details worked out. Perhaps they do not want to wait months going through the court system to get a divorce.

Yes and no. The process itself takes five hours. When our clients walk out of office they have a full agreement. Meaning, all the details are worked out. However, it usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to actually have the documents in their hands. And then there is a caveat- the clients won’t be eligible to remarry for 6 months after we file their documents.

We close our office and dedicate our entire staff to helping our divorce in a day clients. It begins with a short informational video about the divorce process. We then allow the couple to ask any questions they might have. We then have the couple sign a series of documents allowing us to help them in mediation.

The couple is then assigned a paralegal who helps them with the process. We move them into the first mediation room where they are assigned an attorney to help them negotiate custody. After a custody agreement is made, the couple moves into a second room with a new attorney, where they negotiate property and debts. From there, they move into a third room with a third attorney, where child and spousal support is settled. The couple then gets a one hour lunch break, and when they return their divorce documents are drafted. They are signed, notarized and filed for the couple with no hassle. Process complete.

We have very specific requirements for Divorce in a Day. First, they must have assets of less than $400,000. Second, there can be no history of domestic violence. Third, they must be open and willing to negotiate and have at least one agreement on any single issue before enrolling in the program.

It is about the same cost as one party’s initial retainer for a divorce. The beauty of it though, is that it is a single, one-time fee for the entire process- from start to finish and the couple is done in a single day.

The reason we have strict requirements to enroll in the program is that we want the couple to succeed. It is only five hours long so we want to help them during that limited time. However, if the couple is unable to reach a complete agreement at the end of the day, we provide no additional services to them. They must seek other help to finalize their divorce.

Absolutely! If the couple is close to a resolution, but needs a little more time to negotiate the particulars of their divorce, they are welcome to go through the program a second time.

Divorce in a Day is held one Friday a month and is limited to five couples per month.

First and foremost, we enjoy the people. It is extremely rewarding to help people navigate through what can be toxic and traumatizing legal system with ease. Oftentimes, couples get caught up in unnecessary court battles which cost them thousands of dollars, damage their children and destroy any chance they might have to co-parent. Divorce in a Day is a low cost, practical solution to a broken legal system. We love seeing couples walk out of the office with smiles on their faces, still talking to each other, and relieved that the process is over and they have the ability to move on.

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