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In this day and age, it is a sad truth that not every married couple stays together forever. Statistics in California, especially in Riverside County, show an upward swing in marriages ending prematurely. Just because divorce is becoming more common, does not make the process any less painful. Frequently, the process brings suffering and emotional distress to everyone involved.

Ending your marriage will not be a simple or easy decision. Going through a divorce, legal separation or annulment is stressful- some even say that it’s traumatic. No matter how a marriage ends, the legal process will not only affect you, it will affect your entire family, emotionally and financially. The more contentious the divorce, the greater the emotional toll will be on you and your loved ones.

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A good California lawyer understands that divorce will affect all aspects of your life. If you are not in the hands of the right attorney, you will spend your free time worrying about your future. Your divorce, legal separation or annulment will force you to reevaluate your life. Your relationships with your friends and family will change. It will force you to reexamine your very sense of identity.

Whether you live in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, or San Diego County, a good attorney knows that the skillful handling of your divorce will lead to a better financial outcome and less conflict for you and your children.


When you ask us for help, Family Law Matters has one goal: to get you through your divorce as quickly and as amicably, with as minimal impact as possible on your children. Once hired, we immediately begin working toward attaining an appropriate outcome for you and your family. This includes obtaining orders for all aspects of your divorce, such as:

  • Making you a single person
  • Obtaining Child Custody orders
  • Resolving Legal and Physical Custody issues
  • Obtaining a fair Child Support order
  • Obtaining a fair Spousal Support order
  • Dividing the Property of the marriage
  • Dividing the Pension and Retirement accounts
  • Dividing the Debts of the marriage
  • Obtaining a favorable Attorney Fee order
  • Enforcing any existing Court Orders
  • Obtaining a fair Marital Separation Agreement


When you marriage is over, the stakes are high. Not only has your financial security been shattered, your children are hurt and your identity has been ripped apart. Ending your marriage requires so many decisions. The first one requires you to choose whether to file for divorce, legal separation of an annulment. This is a decision a capable family law attorney can help guide you through.
Divorce is for those who wish to end the marriage forever and finally. They are free to remarry in the future. Legal separation is for those who wish to remain married but wish to obtain final orders regarding property, children and support. An annulment is for those who, for whatever reason, never had a valid marriage. Regardless of the vehicle you choose to end your marriage, the pain you feel is real. You will be required to make difficult decisions and will need knowledgeable representative and comprehensive assistance. We assist our clients in all aspects of ending a marriage.

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