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At Family Law Matters in Corona, California, we handle division of assets



At Family Law Matters in Corona, California, we handle division of assets in a divorce, including:


  • Business valuation
  • Professional Practices
  • Stock Options
  • Investment property
  • Investment income
  • Division of pensions
  • Pension Valuations
  • Real estate valuation
  • Division of real property
  • Settlements and litigation
  • Premarital property
  • Commingled Property

We Focus on the Details of Your Financial Future

At Family Law Matters, our team of highly experienced attorneys are effective negotiators and skilled litigators. Our lawyers and support staff work in a cohesive manner. We also work with a network of financial professionals to help us analyze your financial situation and tailor solutions to help you meet your goals.

Our firm accepts only a limited number of divorce cases in order to focus our time and attention on the important details of our clients’ cases. It is the details that are important in obtaining the right outcome in divorce cases. 

As your case progresses, we will continue to discuss the possible outcomes of settlement and the risks of litigation with you. You will always be in a position to make informed decisions about your financial future.


Our Knowledge Includes Protecting Assets in High Asset Divorce


It is important that your financial interests are protected during your divorce. The more assets a couple has, the higher the stakes during a divorce. Attention to detail and access to independent financial experts can make or break a case. For instance, tax consequences becoming increasingly important in high asset cases. It is also important to pinpoint when an asset was acquired and the source of the funds to determine whether the asset has any community property interest. how the asset should be divided.

At Family Law Matters, we routinely assist our clients in matters involving property division. This includes characterizing and dividing investments, real and personal property, and marital businesses.

Alternatives to Litigation

Frequently, clients with high net worth do not want to litigate in open court. There are options. For instance, if the terms of a divorce are negotiated and a fair settlement is reached, court appearances are unnecessary. Another option is to hire an arbitrator and financial experts to help craft a fair and equitable settlement. Still another option to appearing in court for litigation is to hire a private judge to try the case outside of the public eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Separate property is any asset that belongs to only one spouse. This could be because the asset was purchased before marriage, was an inheritance, was a gift, or was acquired during the marriage through a prenuptial agreement.

Separate property is awarded to the spouse who owns the asset without any payment or offset to the other spouse.

Community property is any asset that belongs to both spouses equally. This typically includes assets that were acquired during the marriage.

Each party receives one-half of any community property asset. This is true even if one spouse is awarded the entire asset. The other spouse would simply receive half the value of the asset in the form of a cash payment. Another option would be for each spouse to receive an asset of equal value, thereby offsetting one against the other. However, it is crafted, community property is divided equally either with each party receiving an equal amount of assets or through a cash settlement.

A mixed asset is partly community and partly separate in nature. For instance, a 401k plan may have been partly acquired before the marriage and partly acquired during the marriage.

A mixed asset is treated as two separate assets. The separate property portion remains the spouse’s separate property, while the community property portion is divided equally. This usually requires a financial expert to determine what portion of the asset is community and what portion is separate.

We are Capable of Helping You Protect Your Assets

  • We have the ability to help determine a fair divorce settlement
  • We can help you value a family business
  • We can help determine net cash flow of a business
  • We can help you divide assets such as investment properties
  • We can help you value and divide pension plans
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