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Child support is money one parent pays to the other for the benefit of the children. Riverside Child Support Lawyers helps ensure the child will share in the lifestyle of both parents. By law, computer software calculates the amount of child support.

Once the court calculates guideline support, it has almost no discretion to vary from the guidelines. It must order that amount. A number of factors influence the amount of child support. These include:


In addition to guideline child support, the court orders what is termed ‘add-ons’. Each parent will be required to pay one-half of any uncovered medical bills and one-half of any work-related daycare expenses.

The court will also order each parent to maintain health insurance for the minor children if it is available at little or no cost to that parent. Child support orders do not include an obligation to share in the cost of extracurricular activities, school supplies, the children’s clothing, or private school tuition.

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Duration of Child Support

Child support orders terminate when: each child is eighteen (18) years old and a high school graduate or reaches age nineteen (19) years old and is still a full-time high school student living with a parent upon the death of the child, upon emancipation, or order of the court, whichever occurs first.

After support ends, there is no obligation for a parent to help support a child attending college or to help pay college tuition. Support is a significant amount of the payors check- but it is never enough for the supported party Remember, the situation is temporary and this, too, shall pass.


Generally, the non-custodial parent pays support to the custodial parent to help defray the expense of raising the kid in California. The term “custodial parent” refers to the parent with whom the kid spends the most of his or her time.

According to California family law, every child has the right to financial assistance from both parents and parents are equally liable for their children’s support (Cal Fam. Code 3900).

Child support payments

In California, child support is decided under the California Family Code (California Family Code 4055), which establishes standard statewide rules for child support determination. When calculating the amount of child support that one parent must pay the other for the maintenance of a specific child, factors such as gross income, payroll deductions, and taxes are taken into account.

Other considerations, such as the amount of support a parent pays to a third party from a prior relationship, the value of a tightly held business, the amount of spousal support a party pays, or the value of a substantial estate, might complicate the method.
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Support obligation

Child support is due until the child reaches the age of 18, or until the youngster reaches the age of 19 if the child is unmarried and still enrolled in a full-time high school. The court may, in exceptional circumstances, rule that child support be continued after the child reaches adulthood.

Child support order

Orders are court-ordered obligations to pay financial assistance for a child(ren). The computed amount specifies the amount of financial support to be given to the Custodial Party for the benefit of the child(ren) for the non-custodial parent

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Child Support Modification in Temecula

It’s important to consult with a divorce attorney before requesting a child support modification.

When do I need a child support modification?

You have already been to court. You have a judgment, but the orders are not working. It may be possible to get a child support modification. Maybe child support is too low. Maybe you lost your job and can no longer afford to pay spousal support. Maybe the children want to come live with you. 

Whenever you need to go back to court to change an order, it is called a child support modification. It is not always easy to change a court order. Hiring a skilled attorney that understands the law and actually listens to your story is key.

Changing a court order is not always easy. Not all court orders can be changed, and those that are modifiable require a “significant change of circumstances,” meaning that something new or different must have happened since the last court order. Sometimes, going back to court makes matters worse. 

It could be that you are trying to lower your child support, but, after court, your support goes up. It could be that you are trying to increase your time with the children, but, after court, you end up with less time. 

Before requesting a child support modification, you should have an experienced attorney analyze your case to determine whether a modification is possible and whether you will benefit from one. The last thing you want is to be is surprised when you go to court.

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