5 Signs Your Marriage is at Stake

Tension between distant married couple

Every marriage has its struggles, and every marriage can overcome certain obstacles. However, some struggles are harder to overcome than others. Here are the Five struggles that are the most difficult to overcome: 1) Constant Criticism, 2) Lack of trust/infidelity, 3) Lack of intimacy, 4) Lack of patience/compromise, and 5) Lack of Forgiveness.

Are you experiencing any of these struggles? Do you feel that your spouse is becoming unlovable and even abusive? Do you find it hard to find the patience to face your problems? If so, it may be time to consider filing for a divorce.
This article is intended to raise awareness and help you recognize whether your marriage is coming to an end.


If your spouse constantly criticizes you, it might be time to end your relationship. Criticism can damage a relationship in many ways, from damaging communication to fostering contempt.

Healthy relationships are built on respect and mutual understanding. Constant criticism is an important sign that your marriage is on the verge of a breakup. The following are some ways to recognize the signs of your failing relationship.

First, look in the mirror. If you are the one constantly criticizing your spouse, look at your own behavior and evaluate why you are so angry. Often, the problem doesn’t start with one issue; it starts with a small one and eventually becomes a major conflict.

Second, determine the best approach to resolving the underlying issues. The best way to deal with criticism is to remain neutral and try to determine the exact nature of the problem.

If the criticism is coming from an angry or hurtful place, it may be time to move on and find a different way to respond.



A major shift in the relationship or an inability to discuss future plans together are clear signs your marriage is on its way out.

If you find it difficult to be sexually intimate with your partner, you may be wondering whether you should leave your marriage.

If you do not have a sense of humor about your partner’s appearance, income, or just feel that there is no common ground, it’s time to look for other ways to spend time together.

This often results in infidelity. This happens because one partner is seeking intimacy and attention that they are not receiving from their partner. If you find yourself making excuses instead of taking responsibility for your actions, your marriage is in trouble.

Your partner will begin to distance himself or herself from you. You won’t be able to work through your problems. You’ll begin to feel drained, irritable, and unfulfilled. Make sure to spend adequate time with your partner to satisfy both of your needs or else, your marriage is over.


You and your partner have stopped sharing intimate moments. Although this may not sound like a major issue, it can be a warning sign that your marriage is in trouble.

It could be that you’re spending too much time on the phone or have more work commitments than you can handle. If you’re experiencing these signs, then you should seek help immediately.

Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of a healthy marriage. If your partner is avoiding you or getting their needs met, this is a clear sign that your marriage is headed for a divorce.

If this happens, you should consult with a certified marriage counselor for help. When intimacy is lacking, your partner may be feeling unappreciated or let down.

A counselor can help both of you. However, if it is too late to save your marriage, you should consult with an attorney to protect your rights.


If you find that your spouse does not have the patience for your partner, it is time to seek a divorce. Your spouse’s lack of patience may be a symptom of other, larger problems that could be capsizing your marriage. If your partner is constantly calling or texting you, he or she may be feeling disillusioned and is looking for an escape. He or she may be trying to find a way to cope with the stress of the marriage.

When your spouse starts to take responsibility for their actions, you may have to face the reality that your marriage is headed for disaster. If your spouse is always making excuses for their mistakes, it is a red flag that something is wrong in your marriage.

The relationship is no longer a team effort. Instead, it’s just you two and the occasional argument. Eventually, you’ll become less interested in each other and find it impossible to continue.

It takes two people to get married and it takes two people to stay married. Compromise is a key component of a healthy marriage. Always ask yourself, who feels strongest about the issue and who does it mean more to.

If it means more to you, your spouse should compromise and vice versa. If you and your spouse cannot compromise, your marriage is in trouble.

Your marriage may not be sustainable if you and your spouse don’t agree on everything. If your partner becomes more stubborn and refuses to compromise, it may be time to either seek professional help or end the relationship.

If you and your partner no longer talk about your issues when you are together, this may be a sign that your marriage is headed for an end. If you have negative feelings toward your partner or are thinking about a new romantic relationship, this is a sign your relationship is on its way out.

You may even feel contempt toward your partner, which is a sign your marriage is over. Always consult with a professional first. Marriage counseling can save your marriage if you and your partner are serious.

If that fails, consult with a family law attorney to understand your rights.



Everyone makes mistakes and forgiveness is huge in marriage. However, if you can’t forgive your partner and you find yourself constantly thinking about leaving your partner, your marriage may be in trouble.

If you are the spouse refusing to forgive, your spouse will no longer respect you and will resent you. If you’re constantly making fun of your spouse’s looks or income, you’re probably in trouble.

Your partner may no longer be willing to forgive you or even accept your mistakes.

Refusing to forgive your partner may result in your spouse cheating or seeking love from someone else. Apologizing to your partner will help repair small rifts and prevent further conflict in the future.

You can also take help from professionals to work through your feelings and make necessary changes.

However, if neither party is refusing to change, do not feel compelled to stay in the relationship if you’re unable to forgive your partner. Not leaving will only make things worse.

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